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I drew a fancomic on printer paper for practice last winter and then realized I can't show it to anyone because it's completely illegible. So then I spent the next year cleaning it up to be at least readable.

The majority of it takes place post-manga and is spoilers for all of it including the omake. It is very tame, but there is also some canon-typical violence. There are 139 pages of art in total. For the most part this is genfic with Kaiman being a goof with his friends as the focus, and I also  added a bit with the En fam at the end because I wanted to draw Noi.

If you don't want to download/just want to quickly skim through, I also have the pages posted in this album https://imgur.com/a/BJCAK4D. You can take screenshots/post pages from it online if you wish to.

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